Alpha Lambda Projects for 2012-2014

We have 4 ongoing projects and one new one.

1. “Books for Babies” are collected at each meeting to be given to the Westmoreland Hospital Auxiliary. The Auxiliary gives each baby born at the hospital a new book, “Goodnight Moon,” along with literature emphasizing the importance of reading to children. The books we collect are given to the siblings. Please keep bringing children’s books to each meeting.

2. Gently used magazines (up to 6 months old) and new fun pads are donated to local hospitals’ and nursing homes.

3. S.E.E. – Support for Early-career Educators – International Project. An early-career educator is an educator who has five or less years of experience. Because statistics show that more that 40% of the beginning reachers in the United States leave the profession within the first five years, the S. E. E. project will focus on strengthening the profession by empowering beginning teachers by providing mentoring and practical support. Visit and visit the Educational Excellence Committee page to find ideas.

4.S chools for Africa – International Project(//

5. State Project: One Chair, Two Chairs, Red Chair, Blue Chair is the title of our state project, to raise funds for the PA Headstart Association. Details will be in the Keystonian, outlining this 2 year project. Chapters are asked to obtain a small child’s school chair to decorate. You will bring it to convention for a photo opportunity to indicate empty chairs in Headstart classrooms due to budget cutbacks. (// and (//

Delta Kappa Gamma is not just a social organization, although we have fun when we meet! We are dedicated to improving the lives of women and children, through education.

Last revised 1.5 2014